Home Protection

A Protection Plan
built to last.

what do we cover?

Our Home Protection Plans covers all of your major systems that keep your House in good running order. From Plumbing and Electrical to Hot Water Heaters and Refrigerators, LifeGuard has coverage all in one affordable plan! Our coverage extends to all major brands such as Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, and many more – If it can be repaired, our technicians have the fix!

ALL FOUR major home systems

Air Conditioning

Average repair cost: $310

Average replacement cost: $5,400


Average repair cost: $300

Average replacement cost: $1,300


Average repair cost: $350

Average replacement cost: $3,000


Average repair cost: $800

Average replacement cost: $1,400

and ALL major appliances

fridge / freezer
oven / stove
disposal / compactor

how does it work?

Home Protection has never been this easy! Simply follow our easy 3-step claim process and one of our Authorized technicians will be sent to your home to fix your appliance – it’s really that simple!

File Your Claim

To file a claim, simply call one of our claim representatives toll free – or file your claim online 24/7 using our ‘Online Claim Form’ service.

Schedule Service Time

The representative handling your claim will proceed with scheduling an appointment for a local authorized technician to visit your home for the repair.

Get It Repaired

The Authorized technician will arrive at your home - at your agreed upon date and time - to fix your device at a low $75 deductible and no extra cost to you.

Why Choose Us?

At LifeGuard we know the pains of a Home System failure, as well as paying full cost for the repair and working around a technician’s schedule. We decided to improve on this model by developing a Home Protection plan that will cover you in any instance of a Home System Failure at a low $75 deductible (a fraction of what you’d be paying in full). One of our Hundreds of Local Authorized Technicians will provide you with a quick and reliable repair working exclusively around your schedule. We are protection created with you in mind!

What our customers say

We are nothing without our loyal customers! See what some of our long-standing customers say about our protection plan:

"When our air conditioning stopped working just as the summer began there was a panic as to when we would have cold air in the house again, especially with my elderly mother living at home with us. Thankfully, my A/C was covered by LifeGuard who had a technician sent to my house only 2 days after making my claim! LifeGuard saved us last summer and has our full recommendation!"

Ian Buchanan
Huntington, NY

"After purchasing our new home my wife and I were told about LifeGuard’s Home Protection Plan from a co-worker. We immediately enrolled to ensure we wouldn’t be in danger of any financial disaster if any of our systems were fail. Sure enough, we were fully covered when our water heater broke down and had it repaired in only a week for just $75! LifeGuard saved us a thousand on repairs, this is a program I would 100% recommend."

Al Williams
Garland, TX

"Shortly after signing up for a Home Protection plan, I noticed my refrigerator making loud sounds and becoming warmer each day. After a few calls we found that a repair would cost upward of $700 between parts and labor. I then contacted Lifeguard to see if I was covered and low-and-behold I was! At only a $75 payment a repair man was sent to my house and had my fridge fixed in a day! I give this company an A+! Fully Recommended!!!"

Jay Lopez
Reno, NV

"Originally, I was skeptical of a Home Protection plan at such a low monthly cost, but after finally purchasing it I was pleased to find out that all my old appliances were also covered! When my ancient dryer finally lost heat I filed a claim and less than a week later there was a technician knocking on my door to fix it good as new! Happy to say my dryer is in fully working condition and better than ever! Thank you, LifeGuard, for such an awesome plan!"

Carl Thomas
Jersey City, NJ

"After renting out our family’s old apartment to a new tenant we enrolled in a Home protection plan to cover any issues that could arise during the first year. Our tenant called us to let us know their heat stopped working right before winter began. Thankfully we were fully covered and avoided a disaster with one simple claim call. The issue was fixed in less than a week and haven’t heard anything but good news from our tenant."

Dan Ruiz
Cape Coral, FL

"When our dishwasher finally gave out, we considered purchasing a brand-new model to avoid the high estimated repair costs, even though the device was just outside of its original warranty. Lifeguard informed us that we were fully covered, and the total cost of the repair would only be the $75 claim deductible. Our dishwasher has not given us a problem since being repaired and we expect it to last for years to come."

Robin Sampson
Chicago, IL

"With my mother and father growing older we decided to invest in a Home Protection plan to ensure if something was to go wrong my father would hurt himself attempting to fix the issue. Within a year of having the protection plan their washing machine broke down. Before my father even had to time to attempt to repair it himself, we made a claim and had the washer fixed in only 3 days. This gave us peace of mind and them a working washing machine again!"

Karen Landis
Portland, OR

"After moving in with a group of friends after college we noticed some of the appliances and home systems were pretty old, but the home was way too affordable to pass up. We enrolled in LifeGuard’s Home Protection by recommendation of one of my roommates’ parents. When summer came around, we found the a/c wasn’t working as it should. After filing a claim, we received a confirmation of scheduled repair, and after a week of waiting we had a fixed A/C again! I would recommend to anyone buying a home!"

Nancy Espinoza
Portland, OR