Total Home Protection to Enjoy All of Life's Moments

If It's Powered, It's Covered

LifeGuard provides the most advanced home protection plans to keep all of your home belongings secure. With coverage going beyond the typical manufacturer's warranty, your electronics, appliances and home systems are all able to stay protected from what life throws at them.

Washing Machine
Water Heater


Our Appliance Protection Plan provides you coverage for eligible home appliances, even after their manufacturer's warranty comes to an end. Learn More

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Our Electronic Protection Plan covers all eligible electronics including flat screen TVs, computers, smart phones, tablets, and more. Learn More

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Our Home Protection Plan provides everything offered in our Appliance Protection Plan as well as covering up to four of your home's major systems including AC, plumbing, heating, electrical, and more. Learn More

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Total Home

Total Home

Our Total Home Protection Plan is the last protection plan you will ever need! Including everything offered from our Consumer Electronic Protection, Home Warranty Protection, and Appliance Protection all offered in one single plan. Learn More

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While there are many warranty providers out there, LifeGuard set ourselves apart by offering some of the most affordable coverage, the most extensive protection, and the friendliest sales and customer service representatives that can be found! We're coverage made with you in mind!
Purchasing protection has never been easier! Simply enroll in the plan of your choice, select if you want to be billed monthly, bi-annually or annually, then select the components you want covered! Simple as that!
Currently, we accept all major credit and debit cards as payment. Additional payment providers will be added in the near future.
If you require assistance with purchasing a plan you can contact our sales department at 609-225-5470. For all other questions please contact customer service at 888-494-8553 or We’re always happy to help!
“LifeGuard saved us from a Thanksgiving nightmare! A week before our family meal my oven stopped working. LifeGuard sent a professional out to fix my oven in just 2 days! 10/10”
Allison Brockman
“Last week our AC system died out of nowhere. After contacting LifeGuard, a representative was sent to our house and had it fixed in only two days.”
Richard Jones
“LifeGuard's consumer electronics plan covered my MacBook after my roommate spilled his drink all over it. After sending it in for repair it only took a week to receive it back good as new! Thank you, LifeGuard!”
Maddie Pedroza
“After our water cooler broke in the winter, we contacted LifeGuard for repair. They quickly sent over a rep and fixed the problem in no time!”
Danny Goode
“After our refrigerator broke down, we were panicked to save the food from spoiling. After only a single call to LifeGuard a repairman was sent to our home and the issue was fixed. I will make sure to recommended to all my friends!”
Jenni Garcia
“Almost immediately after buying our son a Switch for his birthday he dropped and shattered the screen. Thanks to our coverage with LifeGuard, we didn't have to buy a brand-new device!”
Nicole Coleman
“After coming home from vacation, we found our AC no longer turning on. After filing a claim online, a representative came to our home in only 2 days saving us from overheating!”
Joel Barnes
“After moving into our new home, we wanted to make sure we were covered in case of anything! Sure enough, our water heater stops working and had to be repaired. In only 2 days a repairman was sent to our home and everything was repaired perfectly!”
Sharon Wyatt
“After my laptop fell off my lap, I was sure it would never turn on again. I sent it into LifeGuard for repair and sure enough I received it back working like new! Thank you, LifeGuard!”
Mike Edwards
“My dishwater began leaking soapy water out of the bottom, covering the floor. I called LifeGuard and the next day I had my appointment confirmed! The following day a rep showed up to fix my dishwasher! Works good as new!”
Kim Murphy