Electronics Protection

It's more than just insurance,
it is peace of mind.

What's included?

Our Consumer Electronics Protection covers all of your electronics; from Personal, Auto, and Home its all covered. There is no limit to the amount of electronics you can cover under our protection plans.

Physical Damage


50% of all electronics will inevitably suffer from physical damage during the course of its life, while 100% of them will always be covered by LifeGuard.

Liquid Damage


Liquid no longer has the power to render your device ineligible for service. LifeGuard will have you dried up in no time.

Mechanical Defect


LifeGuard will keep you feeling secure, even after your limited warranty expires! Mechanical defects will always be covered for as long as you have LifeGuard.

How it Works

Lifeguard’s Electronics plan aims to be the last protection plan you’ll ever need - Finding a solution to your device’s issue in three simple steps!

File Your Claim

Simply provide your device’s purchase receipt to one of our LifeGuard representatives to start the claim process - We’ll get your claim started and your device ready to send to one of our authorized repair centers.

Send In For Repair

One of our many authorized repair centers will receive your device and begin completing your repair - Once completed, the device will be quality-tested and sent back to its rightful home.

Back in Your Hands

Your device will be packaged and shipped back to your registered address - This way, there is no need to plan around receiving your device. The device will be delivered right to your door and ready to go!

Why Choose Us?

LifeGuard is reinventing protection plans for all your Electronics, Appliances, and Major Systems in a way that should have been done since the very beginning. Our coverage goes far beyond what the Manufacturers are willing to cover, and our variety of plans will keep just about everything you own protected from old to new purchases. There is no contract and absolutely no hidden fees. Also, did we mention how affordable we are with pricing options for every budget!

What Our Customers Are Saying

You shouldn’t just take LifeGuard’s word for it – find out what our customers have to say about our revolutionary protection and coverage.

"This service is unbelievable! At first, I never knew when I’d ever need protection for any of my appliances. Then my Refrigerator died in the middle of summer, just my luck. I filled out my repair claim and a technician came out the next day! Thankfully none of the food spoiled, and everything has been working just great!"

Chris Garretson
Huntington, NY

"A week before thanksgiving my entire oven broke and would no longer heat up. In a panic I called LifeGuard to see if my Oven was covered. Not only was it covered but a repair technician was there to fix my stove 2 days later. Thanksgiving was a success this year, all thanks to LifeGuard."

Milton Lewis
Garland, TX

"I usually never leave reviews on sites but felt I should this time thanks to the coverage provided by Lifeguard. My Dishwasher would no longer heat up to rinse off my dishes. Luckily, a repair man was sent to my house in under a week. No more hand washing for me!"

Kyle Roth
Reno, NV

"I never thought I’d see the day, but my fridge finally died on me. Thankfully I was fully covered through LifeGuard and my repair was covered! Took a few days, but once the repair guy came it only took him about an hour to get it back up and running again. I’d recommend this service."

Daniel Wilder
Jersey City, NJ

"I promised myself never again after having to sit on the phone for nearly 10 hours a few years ago when my dishwasher broke down. Words cannot express how satisfied I am with LifeGuard and its coverage. It took about 10 minutes to fill out a claim online, and LifeGuard set up overnight shipping within a few hours to replace my dishwasher within a few days."

Sandra Jurgensen
Cape Coral, FL

"I’m a Freshman in college and just had my life saved by LifeGuard. My roommate spilled coca cola on my brand-new MacBook that my mother had bought me before I moved onto my campus. LifeGuard set me up with a repair appointment in my city the next day, and by the following weekend I had my MacBook back in time for exams."

Victoria Vargas
Chicago, IL

"Not only is LifeGuard cheaper than the insurance offered by my phone carrier, it’s unlimited and covers ALL of my electronics, not just my single phone. I’ll be with LifeGuard until the day I die."

Erica Cutter
Portland, OR

"I don’t know how I managed to survive before I found LifeGuard. I always found myself feeling extreme anxiety and very insecure after my 1-year manufacturer’s warranty expired. LifeGuard’s coverage lasts for as long as I stay subscribed, and allows me to swap serial numbers for when I upgrade to a new phone too!"

Maurice Piatkowski
Portland, OR